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How To Adapt Your Technology For A Modern Workforce

Adapting Your Technology For A Modern Workforce

Now that Millennials and Generation-Z workers make up a considerable proportion of the workforce, businesses will need to adapt their technology to suit their needs.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, Millennials will make up at least 75% of the United States workforce by the year 2030!

This is a considerable rise compared to even 2005, and will require businesses in the United States to adapt to this change in the demographic of their modern-day workforces in order to meet the challenges and demands of Millennials and Generation-Z workers.

Asking yourself how to adapt your technology for a modern workforce is therefore a quintessential question – in order to ensure that your business can continue to succeed into the future, and meet these generation’s demands. Have you considered some of the ways that your business can improve in these aspects and with your Technology? Do you feel like you’re not keeping up with the increasing demands of new workers and what they are looking for?

Do you feel lost?

Well, something else to consider is that you will also need to adapt your business’s technology in order to suit these new working and buying patterns of Millennials and Gen-Z workers as well. Businesses who are looking to acquire talent and skilled labor will need to remain flexible, and meet the growing demands of these generations who prefer businesses that prioritize a work/life balance, flexible work schedules, and the latest in Technology.

So, what steps can you take with your business to achieve this? How are you going to adapt your technology to meet these new and higher-demand workforces?

We’ve provided a list of several different approaches that you can take below, and how our expert consultants can help achieve these results for your business!

Simplify Your Communications

Modern-Day workers want to use Modern Technology to simplify their communications.

This adaptation helps improve productivity, efficiency, and job satisfaction with both existing and new employees.

Today, people don’t have the time to search through file drawers to find what they need for work.

What businesses need to do is provide high-tech solutions for these employees to succeed and have all of their essential information backed up in a Cloud Network.

With ACR Solutions, we can help you find the best providers to meet your business’s technology requirements and to get a simple communication channel set up.

Another way that your business can begin to achieve a more simplified communication process is with what we call a “Desktop-As-A-Service Solution” or DaaS.

If you want ACR Solutions to take a look at your communication strategy, and offer advice for improving and simplifying your communication – then feel free to call us at 321-539-0255 and we can provide you with a consultation while offering some suggestions on how you can streamline your communication and overall business technology. Questions? We’ve got the answers for you! Put Simply, ACR Solutions can consult with your business, analyze your business specific needs, and find the best and most affordable DaaS Solution for you! We’ll even go the extra mile to ensure that you not only have your DaaS Solution in place but take a look at the rest of your business technology as well.

Another benefit of DaaS is that it also helps you access your desktop and the data inside, at any time, anywhere!

So, you’ll want to get connected with a provider who’ll fit your storage needs. Talk with one of our expert consultants today, to find out more and what storage provider will work best for your business!

Therefore, this checks off one of the boxes that we mentioned above for Millennial workforces with providing “Flexible Work Schedules” and a more flexible working space.

Flexible Working

Why is it so important to provide flexible schedules, working hours, and an adaptive workplace environment?

Simply put, the younger Millennial Generation doesn’t prefer to work the nine-to-five workday, anymore. According to a 2017 study, 69% of millennials would give up other work benefits for a more flexible work schedule.

Therefore, it’s important that your business address this generation’s concerns and make sure that you provide them with solutions in order to be able to keep growing and scaling your employee workforce.

Otherwise, you’ll find yourself having employees that are either dissatisfied with their work, or you’ll struggle with retaining these employees who are part of the Generation-Z and Millennial Generation – who are applying for jobs.

Unified Communications Offers Flexibility

Finally, let’s talk about what a “Unified Communication” strategy is and how it can help your business.

By using a “Unified Communication” solution, you can drive flexibility with your entire workforce and aid your business in recruiting new employees.

Incorporating these unified communication strategies into your Technology will ensure that you can have one solution, tailored to you and your needs!

Work with our team, and we’ll help you find the best solution for your particular needs, and we’ll even go one step further – providing you with conference services, apps, and messaging!

If you work with ACR Solutions, then we’ll ensure that you can have one simplified, and streamlined form of communication when you’re connecting with suppliers, vendors, or customers – making it easier for them to contact you and your business for whatever they are needing. Cutting out the stress, hassle, and effort that may cause you to be losing out on potential revenue, profit, or even just general productivity. Simply give us a call or contact us below!

Questions? Contact Us and we’ll help you find the solution that you need for your business. We’ll be happy to work with you and address any concerns that you may have about cost, logistics, etc… and making sure you are up-to-speed.

By the end of the day, we’ll make sure that you have a plan for adapting to a modern-day workforce, and making the most of your Technology!