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security awareness as a service

Why is Security Awareness Training Important? On average there are 250,000 phishing victims per year, and the average cost of a successful phishing attack costs a company $3.86m.  Security awareness training helps to create a shift in employee mindset and change behavior.  88% of cyber breaches are due to human error.  ACR Solutions provides a comprehensive Security Awareness Program as a Service. 

The Service includes:

Security Awareness Training Policy and Annual Training Plan which can be tailored to the organization’s specific regulatory requirements (ex. PCI) or framework (ex. NIST). Monthly and Annual Reporting provided to track organizational performance against the policy.

Operational ownership of the Security Awareness Training platform under the direction of the organization’s security leader.

Day to day operational tasks such as: adding / removing users in platform, how-to support for enrolled learners via email, and technical support for the security organization to ensure desired platform setup.

Monthly Key Performance Metrics reporting such as:
(1) strengths/weaknesses by category,
(2) % Completion and % Pass Rate for trainings;
(3) % Click Rate or Users / Departments with highest Click Rate for Phishing.

Lead the development of 2-3 custom trainings annually (ex. Company Policy Overview, Acceptable Use Policy, Employee Onboarding, Reporting Suspicious Cyber Activities) when the company’s Security Awareness Training platform allows the addition of custom training.

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