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Contact Center Solutions

A quality call center means better customer relations and repeat business — and cloud-based call center solutions make things easier for employees and customers alike. At ACR Solutions, we can help you find the right solutions to make the most out of your call center.

What Makes Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions Better?

It wasn’t so long ago that high-end call center services were only available to the largest corporate call centers. With cloud-based systems, though, the field has opened up. Even call centers with only 10 agents can take advantage of new services and improved costs.


We can help you find the service providers that have the tools you need most. Get access to powerful new tools like voice analytics, which tell you more about a customer’s tone of voice on a call, or routing systems that connect customers to the right agent for the job.

What Can Cloud-Based Call Center Solutions Offer Me?

In addition to new functions and abilities, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

  • Better Security. Cloud-based solutions run through a vendor’s systems, which can be specifically hardened against outside intrusion. Take advantage of end-to-end security and two-way authentication to protect data and keep new threats like ransomware from attacking your internal operations.
  • Less In-House Maintenance. Especially good news for smaller operations, cloud-based solutions are maintained at the vendor’s facilities. Since you just use the tools, you have a lot less maintenance to do yourself. That frees up your own IT staff for other, more profitable, operations.
  • Cost Savings. By using someone else’s tools on a cloud-based system, you don’t have to install your own servers and the like to get access. You’ve changed one huge bill for equipment into a regular monthly bill.
  • Faster Response to Changes. Need more capacity in the busy season? With cloud-based systems, you can buy more as needed. When it’s not needed, stop buying it. There’s no longer a need to deliberately buy too much to just keep up with potential future needs.

A growing number of companies are embracing flexible and hybrid models for their contact center solutions and staying connected remains essential to business.With distributed workforces between traditional brick and mortar call centers &Work-from-Home positions, and outdated on-premise systems collecting dust, many of these companies are seeking solutions in the cloud.


CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service), systems take customer support and sales to the next level.  It is used to enhance inbound and outbound business channels including customer service and sales.An omnichannel approach has become the norm with companies providing more options for customers to engage with them. In addition to handling inbound and outbound calls, CCaaS also handles other digital channels.



CCaaS provides organizations with benefits that include:

  • Improved customer experience: Technology can ease the strain of common customer pain points, like hold times and missed calls. With CCaaS features such as IVR, call routing, ring groups, and queue call-backs, customers will report higher satisfaction.
  • Analytics: Every call is a chance to nurture repeat sales or drive customers away. CCaaS gives data-backed insight into how agents are performing, talk-time, customers in queue and more.
  • More productive agents: With the auto dialer and pre-recorded voicemail feature, agents spend more time on the phone and less time with tedious, manual tasks.
  • Easy Integration: Enterprise-level contact centers were formerly out of financial reach for SMBs, but CCaaS changes the game. With one-day deployment and seamless integration with UCaaS and CRM platforms, CCaaS solutions are affordable and accessible. CCaaS platforms can be accessed from a single application on any device with no need for IT infrastructure or maintenance.

Workforce Management in the Contact Center

Like many industries today, technology has innovated the way contact centers are run. Both small and large businesses have the option to manage their contact centers in-house or remotely anywhere around the world. With over 43 percent of employees opting to work from home at least part of the time, it may seem impossible for contact center managers to keep track of employee productivity and customer satisfaction.


But with evolving technology has come innovative solutions for managing your contact center’s workforce. Thousands of call centers use workforce management to quantify necessary staffing levels, monitor the satisfaction of customers, evaluate employee productivity and correct performance issues, easing the burden placed on call centers worldwide. Workforce management allows you to understand the unique needs of your company and determine the best courses of action on business decisions.