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Network Monitoring

UpTime is our industry leading management and monitoring platform built on a foundation of ServiceNow, LogicMonitor, and Sisense. It blends a digital workflow platform, application service monitoring with powerful analytics to deliver best-in-class monitoring, incident management, and business intelligence with actionable insights into your network and compute environment.  We designed it to be a complete managed services solution that simplifies your complex world of IT.

Foundationally built upon

Monitor Everything with an IP address

What's in your network?

The platform extracts metrics from over 250 manufacturers, systems, and device types leveraging standard APIs and protocols including SNMP, WinRM and SH. UpTime correlates information across your environment to provide clear visualization of connected components by the services they support. See the state of all IT services and predict which ones could be impacted by events or outages from a single dashboard.

Service Management

When business is on the line, it is critical to deliver the right information to the people who need it most.  ServiceNow delivers the modern digital workflows that help us unlock productivity and deliver a great customer experience. New clients and infrastructure are onboarded to the platform in record time. Our alert processing is faster. We’re resolving more cases in a day and reducing P1 and P2 incidents with real-time alerting and integrated dashboards. Using our REST API integration, we are automating carrier tickets and orchestrating workflows with our client’s API-enabled Service Management and Ticketing platforms. The Configuration Management Database provides a centralized inventory of all your locations, infrastructure, and network monitored by the platform.

Meraki Security Monitoring

Let UpTime proactively monitor for any security threats using our SIEM.  Our advanced monitoring service provides 24x7x365 security event and detection services.  Each customer is provided a security baseline assessment at the time of onboarding validating the current MX configurations and identifying any outliers.  Detail reports are available along with Quarterly Stewardships that provide a rich two-way discussion on observations and best practices.

Business Intelligence

Technology is increasing and reshaping global business.  Executives need actionable information to make strategic and tactical business decisions.  Sisense empowers everyone in the organization to deliver better business outcomes by transforming thousands of metrics collected in the UpTime platform into business intelligence. By measuring network utilization, we’ve made it possible to right-size networks based on actual need versus utilization assumptions. Our performance analysis spots trends and illuminates network impairments that negatively affect voice and video calls.  Network Service Level Agreements are now enforceable with around the clock outage tracking and reporting.  And our users can now report on business availability on a site, region, and company-wide basis.