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Hosted Voip

Hosted voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) is a secure, inexpensive, internet-based communication service capable of supporting your entire business with minimal hassle. A hosted VoIP phone system likely includes all the communication features a business needand then some and is a great choice for businesses of all sizes.

In essence, by subscribing to a hosted VoIP solution, you are essentially outsourcing equipment and infrastructure without losing any of the associated benefits. Using the internet, you simply need to connect your business to your hosted VoIP provider, and you’ll be able to access any online communication services you need. It’s also a guaranteed way to save money.

Hosted VoIP Has Many Services and Features

  • While Hosted VoIP comes with many standard phone features like conference calling, there is so much more made possible by VoIP’s internet-based technology.  Features can include, but are not limited to:
  • Sophisticated call management (including routing and screening)
  • Unlimited calling
  • Auto attendant
  • Extension numbers and number changes
  • Instant messaging
  • Voice mail (including voice mail to text or email)
  • Video conferencing
  • Online fax services
Calls through servers go through advanced encryption, offering a high level of security for any of your conversations and messages. Once hosted VoIP has been installed at your business—a process that usually takes two to 13 days depending on the complexity of the install—you can begin using it immediately with no extra waiting time or fuss.

Since you aren’t investing in infrastructure and equipment, hosted VoIP is far less expensive than a non-hosted VoIP or other communication systems that requires the installation of specific equipment (like analog landlines). Nor will you need to pay a telephone company to make calls, meaning long-distance and international calls are less expensive.

Likewise, with no maintenance or extra support fees, the only price you’ll be paying is the monthly or annual flat fee—which, for the range of features that hosted VoIP offers, saves money both upfront and across a long term.

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