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Wireless Solutions

Are you ready to bring better mobility to your business? Whether you’re interested in saving money, improving technology, or simplifying network connectivity, at ACR Solutions we’re here to help.

What Kinds of Wireless Solutions Can I Use?

Wireless solutions break down into three primary classes:

  • Cellular. Perhaps the most familiar of wireless options, cellular wireless–more commonly referred to as 3G, 4G, or LTE–offers go-most-anywhere and do-most-anything connectivity for mobile devices of all sorts.
  • Wireless access points. Wireless access points are perfect for retail locations, medical or hospitality branches, and the like. They provide access to a building’s wireless network for customers, visitors, and anyone else with authorized access.
  • Fixed wireless. Fixed wireless is a type of Internet connectivity that doesn’t rely on cables or another physical connectivity medium. It uses radio signals as a transmission method and can offer much greater bandwidth than cable and fiber options.

Why Should I Use Wireless Solutions?

While wireless solutions are narrowly defined, the reasons to use these technologies are much broader in scope.

  • Access to the mobile workforce. Lower facilities costs, more flexible operations, and improved employee morale often come with implementing mobile workforce options.
  • Bring your own device options. With bring your own device (BYOD) options, businesses can both save money and create flexibility, all by letting employees handle device supply.
  • Simplified network operations. With wireless, connecting every room in a building to a network requires a few simple components. That’s a huge improvement over the wired network, and often comes with cost savings.
  • Scalability. Wireless options can reach a wide array of users fairly quickly, particularly in the same building. Adding or removing users becomes as easy as adding or removing hardware.

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