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About ACR Solutions

Our Company

ACR Solutions, LLC is a telecom expense management and consulting company that helps organizations reduce their overall telecom and technology expenses by an average of 20%-40% annually.

Mission Statement

ACR Solutions, LLC mission is to bring our 50 plus years of industry experience to each one of our customers. We will do that through our client-first approach that is backed by honesty, integrity, and complete confidentiality. We will always act as our clients’ biggest advocate when representing them in front of vendors, supporting their needs no matter the time of day, and putting their best interest first in all things. Most of all, we will work to establish long term relationships by demonstrating loyalty, transparency, consistency, and reliability at all times.

The Secret to our Success

Our drive for success comes from our core values:

  • Loyalty – We keep all information confidential, including recoveries and savings
  • Honesty – We negotiate the very best services, pricing and continuously find ways to reduce overall expenses
  • Transparency – We reveal all information and pricing that carriers/vendors provide
  • Consistency – We work each and every day on your behalf and continuously provide proactive updates
  • Reliability – We are always there for our customers regardless of the time or day, work hours or non work hours