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Are you having a hard time keeping your branch offices together? Do you want to take better advantage of your data?  Software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN) can be just the thing to connect these spread-out points like they were all in the same room. At ACR Solutions, we know the best in suppliers to help you build the multi-location network you need to keep your business running.

What Kinds of Businesses Can Use SD-WAN?

If you operate a business with several geographically-dispersed locations, you’re a great candidate for SD-WAN.

  • Retailers. Many retailers have several stores, often in the same town. Connecting the outlets help determine what’s selling where, and what to order more of.
  • Insurance firms. Service firms like insurance companies can have several branches in one town. Being able to pool information allows the services offered to be better tailored to the area’s needs.
  • Industrial operations. Connect the factory to the warehouses to better understand inventory levels. Connect both to the main offices for faster ordering and shipment of finished goods.
  • Restaurants and hospitality. Local chains like restaurants and hotels can use SD-WAN to pull together information from separated areas.
  • Banking operations. Banks regularly share information on account holders, and an SD-WAN  gets that information where it needs to be, securely.

Why Should I Use SD-WAN?

While certain businesses are better suited to using SD-WAN than others, there are reasons for almost any business to utilize this service.

  • Connection to cloud services. The WAN used to be about connecting business branches to each other. Now, SD-WAN is increasingly called upon as a connection to cloud-based services, offering better productivity, reduced costs, and protection against disasters.
  • Cost savings. The original WAN ran on older technology that’s getting more expensive. Setting up SD-WAN takes advantage of new technologies to provide a faster connection with less expense.
  • Better user experience. No one wants a video conference or a voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) call to get laggy and stutter because of unrelated high traffic. Businesses that send credit card traffic also need that signal to go through quickly. SD-WAN can offer traffic management to prioritize certain traffic, improving the user experience.
  • Better security. SD-WAN can help provide better network security overall by offering different threat response systems based on the direction of traffic. Threats from outside the business have one set, while threats from within the business have another.

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