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Telecom Expense Management

As your business grows and the expenses increase, it can be difficult to manage all your vendors and ensure that you are spending what you should on technology services. The ACR Solutions team can help you analyze and consolidate your billing, look for and solve errors, and help correct overspending for a healthier bottom line. You’ll be able to make smarter financial calls without sacrificing necessary services.

Keeping Your Bills Accurate

Organizing your IT assets is a key element of keeping costs down. Our Accurate Telecom Expense Management software can align IT costs with your teams that consume each service, and create automated processes for cost allocation. We provide insight into overspending, opportunities to cut costs, and your invoice inventory.

Our Telecom, Cloud, & Technology Expense Management Portal

How Can ACR Solutions Help Me Clarify My Billing And Reduce Expenses?

We know you don’t have time to sift through your bills line by line to make sure you’re spending what you should. And making changes to your telecom operations makes the billing process more complex. We’re here to help with those issues, managing different providers, and more.


Our expense management services help you sort through the options and make a solid plan for your business:

Bill Auditing. Forrester estimates that billing errors average 5% to 12% of telecom service budgets. We’ll keep an eye on your bills for charges that shouldn’t be there, charges made more than once, or even potential points of savings.

Bill Management. As your business grows, your bills do, too. We specialize in handling multiple invoices from multiple vendors. Get back to the tasks that are important to you, while we consolidate your bill stack.

Bill Negotiation. Altering your technology services or products requires negotiating new rates, but how can you be sure you’re paying what you should? We take care of working with the vendors to keep your expenses accurate.

Bill Processing. Getting bills ready for payment can be daunting, time-consuming, and tedious. We help keep it all straight and readily accessible for you later by creating and maintaining an inventory of your invoices.

Bill Payment. When multiple bills are due at different times of the month, making all payments on time can make for multiple headaches. Instead of writing a surplus of checks, relieve your accounts payable team and offload the stress to us.