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Wireless Expense Management (WEM) is special category of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) programs that focuses on wireless services and mobile devices.

According to Gartner, 80% of companies are not adequately managing mobile users or wireless services, resulting in overspending by an average of 15%. As mobility has grown, costs have also grown, and companies need to become better at managing their mobile voice and data costs.

Centralize management of your devices, regardless of provider, platform, geography, of type, with more detail and accuracy.

Our online inventory management system provides detailed information for each device in your environment, including:

  • Make and model, SIM and other serial numbers
  • User data, including assigned employee name, group and division
  • Historical detail by month for each distinct device
  • Contract details, including Early Termination Fees and Upgrade Eligibility timeframes
  • Mobile usage is dynamic, but most corporate mobile rate plans are static. Variables like employee turnover, international travel, vacations, and industry ‘busy seasons’ impact your company’s mobile device usage every month. But how does that match up with what you are paying?

Some other key cost optimization initiatives for mobile expense management include:

  • International Management – Integration with corporate travel systems allow us to proactively activate/deactivate appropriate plans and features for mobile devices based on need, eliminating unnecessary roaming charges or costly overages.
  • Provider Negotiation – We deal with providers every day, giving us unique insight into negotiable terms and conditions, promotions, and discounts. Our clients can leverage that knowledge to secure more favorable mobile contract terms.
  • Consolidate your invoices into a single system and digitize for faster handling, reduced errors, and greater detail.
ACR Solutions can help reduce your corporate mobile bills by 20-40% through a variety of proactive initiatives and gain clarity into your environment. The best part? All the work is done behind the scenes with no service disruptions, provider changes or impact to your end users, carrier relationships or contracts. Get started today, call us at (321) 593-0255 to confirm your consultation.