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Let us Help Your Business with Migrating to the Cloud!

What is Cloud Migration?

Looking for help with migrating your Business’s data into the Cloud?

Did you know that ACR Solutions offers Cloud Services and Cloud Migration?

Our primary focus may be Expense Management, but we can also help you find the solutions that your business needs in the Telecommunication realm. Cloud Migration is just one of the many solutions that we offer under our umbrella of many different cloud solutions. One question that you may be asking yourself is “What is Cloud Migration”?

Cloud Migration is simply the process of taking all of the data, applications, and IT Processes that your business has and transferring them to “Cloud” storage for immediate and easy access upon demand. It can be done from an already existing platform or even from another cloud storage system.

The Benefits of Cloud Migration

What are some of the benefits of taking your data and having it on a Cloud Network?

  • The first advantage is “Scalability”. A.KA – where your data is adjusted to offset operation costs. You get to enjoy the benefit of a good user experience without having to worry about the additional maintenance or software renewal fees.
  • Plus, your data can be restored if your network is ever compromised or crashes.
  • Furthermore, with task automation, it is easier to make good team performance possible by reducing the glitches that you have in your system and those who work remotely can find it easier to access any stored data, and other resources you have.
  • On top of this, you can enjoy the benefit of being able to have teams remotely collaborate and share files through the Cloud platform that your data is migrated to. This improves communication, teamwork, and efficiency in your business.

Steps to Finding Your Cloud Solution!

Before you can get started with Cloud Migration – you’re going to want to begin with finding your “Key Performance Indicator” or K.P.I. One such indicator can be “Memory” and “Speed”. The page download speed should be considered vital for your website.

The next item is choosing the data that you want to move.

This should be carefully, and selectively. Think of your total cost savings and cybersecurity as two especially important factors to keep in mind and when you are coming up with the “Data Migration Strategy” that you want to implement for your Business and Cloud Network.

Following this, once you have a K.P.I in mind and know what data that you’re looking to migrate, then you’ll need to choose the Cloud Provider based on your company’s needs. Knowing who to hire should include choosing a company that has the right platform for you and your specific needs for your Cloud Migration.

 What are the different types of Platforms?

Types of Platforms:

● Private: Strict data control and top security. Perfect for small businesses.

Public: Some data and features are controlled but not all. Great for major corporations with larger, more diverse teams and multiple departments.

Hybrid or Multicloud: Integrates elements from public and private platforms.

Finally, the last step into finding your Cloud Migration solution or to proceed with moving your business’s data onto a Cloud Storage Network is to go through the “Migration” and “Validation” phases. This is the transitionary phase where all of your critical data, applications and processes are transferred smoothly. Security is established during this process in order to ensure that your system can’t be remotely hacked into.

Since the business world is constantly changing, and the way that we work in it is evolving, to succeed and thrive means to adapt. Thanks to Cloud Storage, your business’s data can be shared online via a wireless network. Keeping that in mind, it is still important to critically think about your migration strategy and how you’ll go about it to achieve business success. If you need help with choosing the correct provider – then make sure to Contact ACR Solutions!

We’ll help reduce your overall telecom and cloud expenses by 20-40%!