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Getting Your Network Internet of Things (IoT) Ready

Internet of Things (IoT) has exploded in the last few years and is only expected to keep growing. As more and more things in our everyday lives are connected to the internet, it is critical to ask if your network is ready for the change. Read on to find out how to make your network IoT-ready.

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Why Should Your Network Be IoT Ready?

Simply put, network solutions from 10 years ago aren’t ready to handle the demands of IoT. If your business network was set up without taking IoT into account, then it’s not ready. It could lead to network outages, decreased speed, and even expose sensitive information if you integrate IoT devices into your network before it’s prepared for IoT devices.

Preparing Your Network for IoT

You can take a few steps to ensure your network is ready for IoT capabilities.

  1. Have an IoT Gateway

Build a gateway specifically for IoT devices in your network. This is essential for security and functionality. IoT devices connecting to the same network as classified work on your laptop could cause data breaches and slow connections, causing device failure.

  1. Check Your Network Capacity

Before you hook up IoT devices to your network, you should check with your internet provider to make sure the network can handle the additional devices. Adding devices to your network will cause increased traffic, and if your bandwidth is not sufficient, you will see decreased speeds and performance on all your devices.

If you’re integrating IoT into your network, you need to ensure it can also handle storing and analyzing data. When updating your network, your internet service provider might suggest upgraded devices to help your network handle the increased traffic.

  1. Triple Check Security

Internet of Things is the future, but that doesn’t come without consequences. There are lots of security issues with incorporating IoT devices into your networks, which is why it is important to ensure vulnerabilities are addressed before incorporating IoT devices into your network.

Reach Out for More Information

For all questions regarding setting up your company network for IoT capabilities, contact ACR Solutions. We will examine your network security and network standards and suggest how to upgrade your network.