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ACR Solutions is Proud to Announce Our New Service: LED Lighting Installation

When it comes to being a functional and conscious business in the 21st century there are many things to be aware of. One of the most important aspects of that is energy efficiency, as well as cost-efficiency.

With LED lighting solutions, you can be both energy and cost-efficient. LED Light Bulbs will save you $24 per year, per bulb. With that said, it’s important to know just what routes to take with the LED Lighting for your business, who you should go through for the installation,, and make sure that you’re choosing the right company for the job.

We’ve started to add this as a service which you can take advantage of through our business. Consult with  ACR Solutions in order to find out what are providing in LED installation services and why you should choose us over our competitors. 

We’ll start with a ZERO-Cost on-site consultation and assessment. Once we’ve determined what your current lighting infrastructure and setup is, we’ll then provide you with recommendations for how you can improve your LED Lighting Setup and maximize efficiency.

We’ve Partnered with EnergyWare!

EnergyWare is a leader in the world of LED technology and is dedicated to helping businesses understand the need for LED lighting within their establishment as well as continuing education on overall energy efficiency through their services. Here are some of the core beliefs that led to our partnership with EnergyWare and providing a LED Lighting service. 

  1. Community – LED Lighting leads to higher productivity due to higher focus, which allows your business to shine in your community. Plus, it showcases a focus on safety and productivity in the work environment, while at the same time drastically reducing your carbon footprint and shows others that your business is eco-friendly. 
  2. Aesthetics – Better lighting leads to a better look and overall feel to your business, leading to happier employees and a consistent look and feel across all of your business locations! 
  3. Savings – Every business has to think about their bottom line, so it’s important that when you think of saving money, you think of LED lighting and installation. 43% of your energy bill is directly related to lighting, but with the right lighting, you can reduce your costs by 75%! Call us today to see how much you could save with your business’s lighting!
  4. Electricity – This goes without saying. As stated before, LED lighting usage can decrease your energy usage by 75 percent which can be a great contribution to the future. 

Our LED Lighting Installation Pairs with Our IoT Services

You may be asking, what is Internet of Things? 

Well, simply put, the Internet of Things is a series of networked devices with specific purposes and these devices return information back to a central point. This information is intended to be used at a later time. Additionally, it’s important to know that each of these devices are a potential entry point for criminals to gain access to sensitive business information.

By understanding this, you understand that it’s extremely important to use the right resources to establish Internet of Things in your business, including LED installation. Furthermore, attempting to understand and install these systems is no easy feat, which makes leaving it up to the professionals all the more important. We can ensure that your business is prepared for this transition and can set up an LED lighting system that will act as a “Central Role” in your Internet of Things, and thus increase occupational safety, wellness, and efficiency.

That’s why when you choose ACR Solutions, you’re not only choosing a dependable source for LED lighting installation but for your Internet of Things as well. We’ll ensure that you are fully set up on both of these essential aspects of your business. Offering both quality and efficiency, you can rest assured that your LED lighting and installation will be quick, easy, and dependable.

Our LED Lighting Services Can Be Completed in One Week

As you know, time is money, and with the LED lighting installation service with ACR Solutions, you get to save both. We’ll help reduce the cost of your current expenses, and ensure that you’re getting set up with some of the best and most affordable technology solutions available.

If you’re interested in learning more about LED lighting installation services, as well as more benefits about our service, take a look at this page here.

Don’t hesitate to get started today. We have the professional care and experience you get you started on saving money and helping the environment. Click here or call (321)593-0255 today!