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The Essentials of Disaster Recovery and Backup

A Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster Recovery (DR) is preplanning or safeguarding an organization from significant negative effects of uncontrollable events. It allows an organization to limit down time and ensure their business can continue to operate in the event of emergency or disaster.

When I asked companies what they utilize today for disaster recovery. Most always respond, “We backup all of our files to another server,” or “All of our files are backed up in the cloud.” Although this is great and hopefully every company has some sort of backup system in place. In 2018, it is essential that every business understands the difference between Disaster Recovery and Backup. As well as, why it’s critical to have both in place.

Disaster Recovery vs Backup

In a nutshell, backing up information caters to important files, whereas disaster recovery caters to systems. If your computer crashes and needs a reboot, or work is being done remote and files need accessibility, a backup plan makes it possible. However, if a “disaster” hits, which can be as drastic as a fire or flood (Hurricane Irma), a cyber-attack, or servers overheating and frying. A DR plan becomes crucial to get companies back up and running.

Recovering files with a backup system in place allows that new computer or server to restore most everything. However, the process takes time, sometimes weeks and in some cases is limited to restoring only files and not applications.  Can you afford to be out of business for a couple weeks? Imagine the dollars you’ll lose, the money you’ll have pay for new application licenses and the unsatisfied customers you’ll take on.

A disaster recovery plan allows devices to get back up and running in a quarter of the time. All the apps, system settings and files will be restored like old in no time. Business will be back to usual and sleep will be peaceful, knowing you were ahead of the curve.

The ACR Solution

At ACR Solutions, LLC, we assist organizations with both backup and disaster recovery planning. Finding a plan that makes the most sense for your business and the direction you are heading. Whether it be Data Centers or Colocation or migrating to the cloud or using Desktop as a Service. The options are endless, and our expertise help put the right plan within a price range that makes the most sense for your business.