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Why it’s necessary to implement Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP

Not too long ago, Hosted VoIP was just a buzzword. Today, utilizing a Hosted VoIP phone system within your businesses is often essential. Times are changing and to maintain steady business growth it is essential that you change with them or get left behind. Sure, you may own your current phone system that you bought 10 years ago; nevertheless that doesn’t mean, “Until death do you part.”

Let’s face it, that legacy phone system is outdated and is limited in what it can provide. Much like a car that you purchased 10 years ago, eventually it will no longer meet your needs and will need to be replaced before it begins to cost you more money. A phone system also needs to be replaced with a new one, otherwise, the repairs and hassles associated with the breakdown will cost you more in time and money than you can afford.

Perks of using Hosted VoIP:

Cost Savings

Companies often save 40%-50% by switching to VoIP services. Moreover, the increase in call volume your business can handle results in larger savings. SLAs ensure that you get the services you pay for. If not, ACR Solutions, LLC will fight on your behalf to get your credits.

Efficiency and Productivity

VoIP helps everyone within your organization become more efficient and productive. One of the great features of a Hosted VoIP platform is auto attendant. This helps both employees and customers more quickly get to whom they need to connect with. Rather than your receptionist answering every call and trying figure out to whom to transfer, simplify the task by letting the customer press 1 if they need sales or press 2 if they need support.


Hosted VoIP allows employees the ability to work from home. That way your top sales rep can still produce for you while reducing office overhead costs. Today’s platforms and apps permit a call made to a Hosted VoIP to ring directly to a designated cell phone after 2 rings. Allowing reps to always be accessible is added value to your customers, your rep, and your company.


Every business wants to grow and this typically means adding employees. Rather than paying a technician to come out and install a new phone each time, VoIP phones can be easily installed and more importantly, other VoIP lines won’t be disrupted during the process!

Easier Maintenance

Say goodbye to a paying monthly maintenance on your phones. If your phone is not working, send it in to the provider and receive a new one the very next day. In addition, lines can be added or removed without the assistance of a technician.

No Cap Ex

It’s 2018, you shouldn’t be paying up front for most telecom needs. Hosted VoIP allows monthly payments, much like a car lease. Once your term is up, you have the option to own the phones or upgrade phones with the same or a new provider. Also, if an employee leaves, that line can be disconnected so you’re not stuck paying for a line that isn’t being used.

To learn more about the Hosted VoIP options out there, contact We can provide apple to apples comparisons that help you reduce your expenses by improving efficiency and your technology.

Hosted VoIP is one of many ways ACR Solutions, LLC helps Solve. Save. Simplify.