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Partnering with ACR Solutions

Leveraging TEM with ACR Solutions, LLC

As a business professional, you understand that your clients have needs of all kinds. Can you help customers with all their needs? Can you provide added value to your customers? Will they turn to you for all their needs? Do you and your clients know when contracts expire and can you monitor all invoices easily? Life just got simpler and value add becomes obvious thanks to the new ACR Solutions, LLC partner program!

Partner Program

In the ever changing world of telecom, it is essential to bring value to customers. Value establishes trust that will result in clients turning to you when dilemmas are faced, or improvements are needed. One of the best ways to bring value is through Telecom Expense Management. Thanks to the partnership formed between ACR Solutions, LLC and Valicom, partners can bring TEM directly to their clients.

What exactly is TEM?

Telecom Expense Management is the pro-active way to monitor and control a company’s telecom and technology expenses and needs. By utilizing TEM, clients ensure that the solutions they have are being properly billed and serviced.  In addition, clients can easily access invoices and contracts. Opening the door for renegotiation and/or exploring alternative options.

The Partner Program

The partner program brings TEM to Consultants, MSP’s, VAR’s, Independent business Owners and anyone else who caters to their clients telecom needs. TEM software allows for partners to monitor their customers’ contracts, bills and equipment always and as far back as desired. In addition, monthly reporting is an option partners can utilize to deliver data and progress made to client’s accounts.

White Labeling

Partners have the option to white label the software to their own website or use the Accurate portal through ACR Solutions, LLC. White labeling the software will be customized to your company’s design and logos. In addition, back-office support and TEM knowledge will be accessible always. ACR Solutions, LLC can work behind the scenes for you or as part of your company. Partners dictate what they are comfortable with and how much or how little of the services offered to utilize.


Did you know that TEM clients usually experience savings between 20%-40% annually on their telecom, IT and technology spend? Regularly monitoring contracts and billing often result in findings of discrepancies or more favorable solutions. These findings can be made aware by utilizing the software and support available for partners. Allowing you and your customers to have an increased visibility into their telecom environment and the ability to find certain contracts/invoices is a major value add. In addition, monthly reporting is optional for both partners and their clients.

In conclusion, this program has been formed to serve as a tool that will help partners drive more revenue and serve as a continued trusted resource to their clients. ACR Solutions, LLC and Valicom bring over 50 years of experience to the table, that partners will have at their finger prints. To find out more about this great program, please contact Dan Hatoum at DID or e-mail at