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Simplifying Billing Procedures with ACR Solutions, LLC 

Billing Procedures Simplified

Whether you are a single site or multi-site entity, bill processing/payments remains a tedious task. If there was a way to audit bills monthly and simplify payment procedures without sacrificing your time, would you?  

By utilizing ACR Solutions, LLC as your telecom expense management (TEM) partner, you can do just that. Monthly Audits, Processing/Payments and Bill Consolidation becomes a task of the past for your accounting team.

Bill Auditing 

Bill auditing is crucial for any business. Occasionally, carriers will charge for unnecessary/unfulfilled services without customers even realizing it. An added benefit of ACR Solutions includes monthly auditing of all telecomcloud and IT bills. The extensive audits by our team of analysts ensure services charged are only the services used. Monthly spread sheets are made available for clear visibility of your company’s billing. 

Bill Processing/Payments 

Bill Processing/Payments is another task handled by ACR Solutions. Accounting teams have full plates before dealing with Telecom/IT bills. The stress of missed payments and late fees will no longer exist through our reliable and consistent methods of payments. Our portal access results in clear visibility of company audits and payments.  

Bill Consolidation  

Last and certainly not least, Bill Consolidation is a HUGE factor for companies. Consolidating multi-site customers’ bills result in diminishing countless payments, as well as an overall cost reduction. ACR Solutions, LLC’s, relationships, expertise and resources plays a major role in the consolidation efforts and ties right into our slogan of solving, saving and simplifying.  

Solve. Save. Simplify. 

To conclude, why are you not solving, saving and simplifying today? Working with ACR Solutions, LLC solves billing disputes through our audits, saves time through our bill processing, and simplifies life by consolidating bills. For a discovery call to see if we can assist you today, please e-mail