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Waste Management Audits

Customers save an average of 30-40% on waste and recycling overcharges.

Save on Waste Management & Recycling Services

Our experts can find errors and overcharges for our clients over 90% of the time.
Our waste and recycling audit service is designed to maximize your profit and minimize your time.


Below is a list of what we can offer you:

  • Billing audits for all types of waste and recycling providers. Including major providers such as Republic, Waste Management, Advanced DisposaL, GFL…and even local providers.
  • An evaluation of the cost effectiveness of each and every line-item charge on your invoice and your vendor contracts
  • A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings
  • Renegotiation of your current agreements using our decades of expertise and proprietary database of waste and recycling pricing.
  • Implementation and improvement of recycling programs where applicable
  • Right sizing of equipment and volume usage where applicable
  • Implement contract terms and conditions that protect you, not the vendor
  • Constant monitoring of current charges occurring in all of your waste and recycling expenses
  • Proprietary benchmarking from over 30,000 client locations nationwide

Furthermore, we also offer our waste and recycling issue and service resolution included in our shared savings fee.