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Utility Bill Audits

Customers save an average of 3-5% on utility overcharges and errors

Save on Electric, Water & Natural Gas Expenses

Many of today’s companies fail to realize the importance of auditing utility budgets and the accompanying monthly charges. Too often spending in this category is not verified due to an assumption of accuracy and cost efficiency. We often hear “as long as” it looks right; we pay them.


To make sure money spent is not money wasted, we offer the following services:

  • An analysis of current utility budgetary spending
  • An audit of all electric, water/sewer, and natural gas bills for errors and overcharges over the past 36 months
  • A full analysis of current and past usage to ensure all tariffs are correct and provide the lowest possible cost
  • A detailed report containing all errors and overcharges, with an explanation of areas of cost savings