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What is Network Monitoring and what are the benefits of Network Management Services?
A desktop computer screen using the network monitoring and management program UpTime.

Network Monitoring and Management Services

If any part of your business is run online, then network monitoring is crucial to ensure that your networks are working at all times and that they are working efficiently. However, the more intricate your business is, the more connected components there will be, including network devices, security, databases, cloud, protocols, network management, hardware, web servers, and more!

Considering all of these different components, the need to keep an eye on all of your networks is very apparent; however, it can cost your business and IT team a lot of downtime to monitor all of your networks all the time. So, how can you effectively manage networks while getting your downtime back?

We are ACR Solutions and we’d like to introduce you to our platform UpTime. 

What is Network Monitoring?

Networking monitoring is the process of using a system that monitors all of your computer networks constantly, looking out for any slow and failing network components. Network monitoring is part of network management, which not only includes monitoring the networks, but also the maintenance of managing them and reacting to any issues detected in the monitoring process.

UpTime Management and Monitoring Platform

Here at ACR Solutions we are very proud to introduce UpTime, our industry leading management and monitoring platform that is built on the foundation of ServiceNow, LogicMonitor, and Sisense. With UpTime, our objective to maximize your “uptime” is three-fold:

  • Mean time to detect
  • Mean time to understand
  • Mean time to resolve

Downtime is defined by Oxford Languages as, “time during which a machine, especially a computer, is out of action or unavailable for use.” Therefore, what we mean by “uptime” is the exact opposite. Uptime is the time during which your computers and networks are up and running properly. So, with our UpTime platform our goal is to meticulously monitor your networks so that we are able to detect any issues, understand what is causing them, and resolve the issue before you are forced into any downtime. 

How Does UpTime Work?

Our network monitoring platform extracts metrics from more than 250 different manufacturers, device types, and systems. This process leverages standard APIs and protocols, such as SNMP, WinRM, and SH. Our platform helps to map out the connected components within your networks based on the IT services that they support, which subsequently allows you to more easily predict which of these components could be impacted if there was a major event or outage.

Use the UpTime Platform to Prevent Downtime

Network monitoring and management is essential for your business and can keep your networks running smoothly. Prevent unnecessary downtime by using the industry leading UpTime network monitoring platform. This platform delivers high quality monitoring, incident management, and business intelligence with actionable insights into your computer network.

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Thank you for using your downtime to read about UpTime!