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What Cloud Expense Management Can Do For Your Business

What Can Cloud Expense Management Do for You?

 Cloud Expense Management. Sounds like a lot, huh?

In terms of what it can do for your business, it is a lot. However, understanding how it can help your business isn’t much to digest. In this blog, you will learn just how Cloud Expense Management works, why you need it, and most importantly, why you want it. Read more below to learn about what cloud expense management can do for your business. 

What is Cloud Expense Management? 

Cloud Expense Management (CEM) is a corporate planning and oversight of complex cloud environments. It helps organizations manage their IT, costs, and cybersecurity all in one place. 

Knowing that you can use a system that will help you manage your expenses, use, and more offers peace of mind, but more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to find out where you’re spending too much money and where you can save money. 

Why Choose a CEM Application? 

For those who are business owners or managers, there are many hats that you have to wear and many directions you are being pulled in. This can lead to details being missed that can drive operations costs through the roof. With a CEM application, you can manage other aspects of your business while your cloud expense management works for you. 

In addition to this, adding a CEM application to your organization is necessary for keeping up with the modern world of  business. In fact, by 2025, 51 percent of IT spend will be on public cloud services. Getting started with your system now is important, but choosing the right cloud expense management system is just as important, if not more. 

What to Expect from Your CEM Application 

Take a look at what cloud expense management has to offer. 

  • It can manage disparate vendors and costs.
  • CEM can secure and strengthen governance protocols with close to real-time visibility and control.
  • Allows you to gain deeper insight for better financial and operations outcomes.
  • You can find all of your insights in one place in a organized and easy-to-use tool in following ways:
    • Sourcing – Automates cloud data retrieval and cleanup, as well as work with experienced data engineers 
    • Standardization – View your cloud spend and inventory across multiple vendors and manage those relationships
    • Customization – Business rule management with tagging policy recommendations which includes uplifts, show-backs, chargebacks and taxes.

CEM applications are one of the most efficient and streamlined ways of staying on top of your operational costs.

Why Choose ACR Solutions?

As we stated before, it’s not enough that you have a cloud expense management system; it has to be the right one. In fact, 80 percent of businesses that employ a multi-cloud solution still overrun their cloud budget. What’s more is that 68 percent of companies are still not getting valuable insights and benefits from their cloud data.

With ACR Solutions, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best data insights in near real time, all the time. 

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