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Benefits of Security Awareness Training

When it comes to protecting your company’s vital information and assets, there are many important factors that go into this. Whether it’s making sure that you have all of the proper systems in place, creating a response plan, or offering security awareness training, all of these hold equal importance when protecting your organization.

For now, we will focus on the benefits of security awareness and how you can implement this type of training in your organization. But first, we want to cover one of the most essential questions for understanding this realm of knowledge. What is security awareness training?

Security Awareness Training

By definition, security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees and third-party stakeholders such as contractors and business partners on how to protect the organization’s hardware, software, data and information, people, and additional assets from criminals and other internet-based threats.

It’s important that every employee understands what their role is in your cybersecurity efforts and with security awareness training, you can do just that. It also establishes company policies that each individual should abide by when playing their part in your defense against internet crime. 

Benefits of Security Awareness Training

Working with a company that offers security awareness training is one of the best ways to ensure that your organization has a comprehensive plan in place while also making sure that every individual that you employ is properly trained. Read more about the benefits of having this training in place. 

  1. You Can Get a Targeted, Data-Driven Approach to Make Your Users Resilient – With the right training program, you can get a tailored cyber security education that recognizes the vulnerabilities, roles, and competencies of your users. 
  2. You Can Asses Your Current Situation – Is your organization at high risk? No risk? By offering security awareness training, you can benefit from an analysis of how well-protected, or not, your organization is. It helps inform your program focus through knowledge assessments and phishing simulation tests that are driven by our threat intelligence. Additionally, your organization will receive consistent reports that identify your most vulnerable users or “top clickers.
  3. Changed Behavior – By teaching your employees what behaviors aren’t safe, you can teach them what not to do. Teaching them what to recognize and how to avoid threats on a consistent basis will lead to changed habits, making the most vulnerable your most educated. You can use mico-learning content, adaptive learning frameworks, threat-guided training, email warning tags, and closed loop email analysis and response. In addition to these items, you can customize feedback for your users to help reinforce positive behaviors as well. 

Where to Get Your Security Awareness Training

We know as business owners and operators that you may wear many hats and becoming the entire education force for your employee’s security training should now be one of them. Knowing where to start with all of this is not easy, fortunately, there’s help.

Here at ACR Solutions, we help you find the best possible systems and training for your organization by having the conversation for you. Don’t hesitate to get started with us today. Give us a call at (321)593-0255 or click here to schedule a consultation