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Is Cloud Computing Part of Your 2018 Strategy?

Remember the days when a power outage didn’t mean the complete halt of all business activity? While age contributes to the answer here, the point is that so much of what a business must accomplish today can’t be done in the dark. The same is true for the internet – it’s no longer a luxury and has instead become indispensable for all businesses.

Likewise, so much of the activity that must be done on a daily basis relies on cloud computing. Static servers and enclosed networks no longer provide what is needed to get the job done. If your organization isn’t already on board with key cloud activities, you’re missing out on specific benefits that lead to better competitive positioning and a healthier bottom line.

If innovation is a top priority for those leading your organization, cloud computing is an important element of support. For that innovation to be lean, the cloud is a must. It enables collaboration among those who are best positioned to allow you to bring innovation to market. Teams can work together in ways never before imagined, regardless of location. Your company can now bring together the best of the best, regardless of location, and produce amazing outcomes.

Leveraging the innovation available in cloud computing also gives you access to the best minds in the programming space. When accessing the cloud, you’re not locked into one solution available only from one vendor. You gain access to multiple options, allowing you to create the best combinations to reach your corporate goals. Plus, the number of programmers working on these solutions continues to increase, making your options even better.

The possibilities in automation are another great reason to consider cloud computing. Automation allows you to save considerably on the programmers you no longer need within your organization. Plus, you can take advantage of innovations that are already in place so the customer solutions your audience demands are available much faster. As a result, you’re better equipped to deliver on the customer experience and meet KPIs.

If your organization has not yet embraced cloud computing, it’s only a matter of time before you lose your competitive edge. In fact, Alibaba, one of the largest tech companies in the world, has its sights set on Amazon and its cloud business. Amazon has dramatically changed the industry and its balance sheet with its cloud services. Others are taking notice, and those large enough to compete will attack with all resources. The point? The demand for cloud computing continues to grow, and it’s not going away. Learn to play well in this space or risk losing to competitors who already do.

Now’s the time to make cloud computing a part of your strategy for 2018. At ACR Solutions, we can help you determine the best road map for migration and where you stand to enjoy the most benefit. While the transition can be complex, it doesn’t have to be painful. In working with our experts at ACR Solutions, you’ll be able to streamline the approach. Contact us today to learn more.