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Project & Facilities Management

Connectivity needs are constantly changing. Whether you have new users to bring in, old users to remove, or other complications, it’s important to stay on top of everything to protect your systems and support your employees. At ACR Solutions, we can help you keep track of what you need and how to best implement changes.

How Can ACR Help Me With My Current Processes?

We can help you streamline changes so your team can focus on what they do best.

  • Moving within your company. If you have staff moving from one floor to another, changing departments, or transitioning from one branch to another, we can help you ensure that there aren’t any work disruptions.
  • Onboarding new users. As you grow, it can be difficult to make sure everyone is obtaining the tools they need to work. We can help add new users to your systems so the process is smooth for you and your new hires.
  • Removing old users. Let’s prevent potential security issues. We’ll help you confirm that old staff members no longer have access to your systems, applications, and important data.

How Can ACR Help Me With Relocation?

Planning a move? We can help you make sure all the necessary connections are in place to keep business running.

  • Setting up plans. If you’re just planning the move now, let ACR help out from the earliest stages. We’ll help you set up your new office to avoid many common design mistakes that will hinder operations from the start.
  • Executing current plans. If you already know what you want, then ACR can help here too. We’ll help you put together the communications plans needed to make the move as smooth as possible.
  • Setting up backups. The same systems that protect against disasters work great for office moves, too. We can help set up cloud-based backup systems to make moving your data a breeze.
  • Setting up new systems. A move is a great time to start fresh. We can help you figure out where your old office wasn’t delivering and bring in new systems to help the new office deliver better speed, connectivity, collaboration and more.