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LED Lighting Business Solutions

ACR Solutions is a Technology and Expense Management Company Offering Solutions in LED Lighting!

Not only does LED technology help bring your business space into the 21st century, it helps your business run sustainably from an energy perspective and while having sustainability in your business practices is a great thing, it isn’t the only benefit you’ll receive from getting LED lighting installed (through a solution provider) throughout your workplace.

Improved focus in the workplace as well as a better sense of community are two more benefits that your business spaces can enjoy.

Between saving money, creating community, and improving the sense of community around your workplace, there’s no reason not to get LED lighting installed throughout your business.

Why LED Lighting?

It’s important to consider many things when it comes to creating a positive workplace and lighting is one of them. In fact, when considering the type of lighting used within a workspace, there are direct correlations to more positive outcomes in many rights. Take a look at the direct benefits and differences in LED lighting.

  • LED bulbs do not get hot or explode
  • LED bulbs do not contain toxic emissions
  • LED bulbs do not flicker and their wavelengths balance circadian rhythm

How LED Installation Works

When it comes to working with ACR Solutions, you can rest assured that every part of our process is effective and comprehensive. Take a look at our process for setting up LED lighting and installation within your facility.

  1. We start off with an on-site consultation and assessment, all at ZERO COST TO YOU,
  2. We determine what your current infrastructure and lighting assets are
  3. We then create recommendations for your LED lighting that will best suit your organization’s needs.

Step Into the Future with LED Lighting Solutions

In this day and age, it’s important for every one of us to take part in making a difference in the environment and in the lives of our employees. With LED lighting, you can ensure that you’re not only saving money but saving energy and contributing less carbon emissions than you were with incandescent lighting. Additionally, this is a healthier option for any working environment leading to more focus and an overall improved “inner clock.”


The choice is obvious. Get started with your Zero Cost LED assessment by clicking here or giving us a call at (321) 593-0255 and we’ll get you started with your on-site consultation today.