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Data Center & Colocation

Whether you’re interested in an on-premise data center or curious about making the move to online storage, we can help. At ACR Solutions, we can help you find the right solution to help you comply with industry laws and protect your information.

What Should I Know About Data Centers?

An on-premise data center offers some unique benefits:

  • Control. From the data to the means to process it, an in-house data center is all under your control. You say what goes in, goes out, and how it’s handled.
  • Improvements on your schedule. You don’t just control the data in a data center; you control when systems are upgraded and to what. You get access to the systems you want.
  • Lowered risk. When you build the data center, it’s yours. You won’t be asked to leave, have to measure someone else’s contract, or find yourself at the mercy of a lease-holder.

What Should I Know About Colocation?

Colocation allow users to take advantage of a data center’s power, without the costs of building and maintaining an in-house system.

  • Improved security. Colocation provides security as part of the price of entry. A means to better protect data and the customers it relates to is always worthwhile.
  • Convenience. Colocation offers the key components of data center operation, like storage, power, cooling and other facilities, as part of a set fee for access. You just access the data.
  • Cost savings. Building a data center can be a huge undertaking. Maintaining it can be a huge ongoing undertaking. Colocation turns those big upfront fees into simple monthly bills instead.

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