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Did you know that some telecommunications carriers are required to file fee schedules called tariffs with your state and/or the federal government? 

Unfortunately, these tariffs are very technical in nature, and even with years of training and experience it takes hours to compare a phone bill to the carrier’s posted tariff to ensure that you have been billed correctly. 

Not surprisingly, most telecom bills do contain errors, and also not surprisingly, those errors rarely work out in your favor.  What do we mean when we say “most,” and how significant are the errors?  The significance depends on the size of your phone bill, but a few percent can work out to be hundreds, thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.   

In addition to auditing your bills and efficiently effectuating changes in your service, we also review your service contracts to ensure that you are obtaining the most value for your telecom dollar.

We understand voice, data, cloud and wireless solutions.  We are familiar with hundreds of providers and the services they offer, so we can tell you how to get what you need, or if you need what you are getting. 


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